Rain helps discover prehistoric earth?

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For my fourth blog post I am doing a project on the prehistoric earth, when earth was so alike with the other planets in our solar system. Through time the earth has changed from being a giant ball of meteors that had collided with eachother, but today we have
developed so much creating life amongst trees and and animals.

Scientists today are using the imprints of raindrops of 2.74 billion years ago to see what the atmosphere was like on early earth. The are doing it by looking at the depressions rain drops left as they fell 2.7 billion years ago and calculated how fast they were going as they impacted the ground, this process would allow scientists to figure out the density of air in Ancient times.

Earth as we know today is very different then the earth 2.7 billion years ago. Our earth back then spun much faster, the moon was closer and the sun was a lot weaker. There wasn’t even animals or planets and the air wasn’t breathable.


Fossil rain drops are basically just pits in the surface of a rock that had started out as a volcanic ash fall. Rain that tumbled on the ash would dig out small depressions, which was then covered by more ash deposits, or lithified or it turned to stone. We only see these imprints today because the top layers of rocks have been eroded off.

We should care about this subject because its interesting and its about our planet, the big giant round thing that we live, and survive on. We should learn the changes our planet had faced and see what kind of a future it could have and if possibly in the future there wouldn’t be oxygen, and what we could prevent to stop it.


My opinion on this subject, is that its interesting and I’m excited that our generation has learned time travel through science! I think everyday we are furthering ourselves in education and its doing us good and our planet good. I am glad they are doing this project.

The earth wasn’t a giant ball of snow back then, but neither was it cold, the earth was fairly colder than today due to the sun being 70% less as strong as it is today. The earth was basically just oceans and rocks, as well as other landscapes.


Affair leads to murder

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For my third project of a blog post I am writing about a teenager killing his lover’s son, I decided to write this post because it reminds me of lions, because male lions, kill the young of other females in the area, and I like lions.

A sixteen year old boy named Cameron Rose, had killed the women’s son of who he was having an affair with. The young boy was only three years old when he was murdered, Cameron is being detained for five years for the death of Rhys Lawrie. Rhys had epilepsy when he was killed and was found, with a head injury, bruising to his head and body and his right leg was broken. Cameron at the time attended a school for emotionally disturbed youngsters when he began his affair with the 28 year old Sadie Henry.

Sadie hadn’t known about Cameron beating up her child, it only happened when she took her other son to school and he was left to look after him. Four days later the young boy collapsed after being swung by his leg and his head was knocked against a wall. Even after the child’s death his mother and Cameron continued meeting is secret for 10 months later.

People should care about this issue because who wants to let a child death slide, and people should know about it so we can help stop it, child abuse happens all over the world and we should stand up for it, because every child should have a chance.

My opinion on this topic is that I wonder where the father was during this, if he is even in his children’s life, but either way someone should have known what was going on and should find a way to prevent it. I think that the mother wasn’t doing her job protecting her child and that maybe a relative should take care of them, I also think that this is horrible for the young boy to go through with this.


Shocking as a Male Nude

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For our second project we are supposed to do a second news story including why would we care? and our opinion. The second time around I am doing a story called “The shock of the (male) nude”. The shock of the male nude is an exhibition in Vienna that probes our attitudes and opinion towards nudity. People in the west are more used to the female nude, but male nudes can still shock people, like “omg” and “that is so disturbing” but as of female nudes most will see one and just wouldn’t care. It shocked so many people that before the show opened the museum had to cover up parts of its own posters saying that they caused public outrage. As you enter the Leopold museum there are five male nude statues that welcome you right at the entrance. The earliest nude in the museum is from Ancient Egypt which was a shopping mannequin. The director of the museum, Tobias Natter, had said the display is a walkthrough 5000 years of history including Egyptian nude, which is unusual to see, it also includes, roman art, Rodin coming from the 19th to 20th century and then to postmodern statues. It tells the people that visit the museum that male nudity in art has a very long tradition. The museum offers a diverse range of art including paintings, by artists and also photographs. Natter says that the museum is breaking new grounds. There are also many museums opened of the female nude but none of which have opened of the male nude. In this century male nudes are getting a new presence in our modern contemporary society, they are now found on more posters, and stages, male nudes are becoming more normal in our society today. Male nudes were never really shown because it indicates strength, invulnerability and heroism, while the female nude indicates beauty and erotics. While female nudity is more common its also unthreatening, as the male nude is more challenging. After someone had a long search through Vienna they could not find one person who was deeply outraged at the male nudity, they only found people who were not highly appreciative and provocative and some say that in the olden days male nudity was quite common so we might as well get used to it again.

People should care because, what if a male nudity museum was opened where you live, some may not like it but others just wouldn’t care and others would actually like it, but between all the uproar of opinions, its part of the human so we should just get used to it, we may not like it but it is part of the human race, no need to be ashamed.

My opinion of this topic is im not to fond of it but im also not completely like “just cut it off and move on”. I dont think I have the right to say what is right and what is wrong on this topic I am not involved with any part of male nudity and I dont want to be, but it is still a topic that is circulating around the world and will most likely become more viral that some should be aware of and not hide in fear and act like it doesn’t exist, I think we should embrace it and then get on with our lives, its not going to kill us and most likely will become viral fast.

Are you shocked?

Genitals in…Wallet?

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Our task was to write a post about a news story that was interesting, important, different, etc. I found a story about a guy that lives in South Africa who murdered his nephew. On Sunday November second an 18 year old man went missing from the town of Thebe locality Nqobo. As the story spread across the town, the community soon found the private parts in his 42 year old uncles wallet, police were soon called after they found them. As the police arrested the uncle and interrogated him, the uncle soon took them to Malande forest where the body was found… in parts, the head was detached from the body and so were both arms, legs and private parts. The legs and arms weren’t all that far from the torso. Police think that the murder may be due to a “muti” killing, so witchdoctors could use body parts in their potions. There is also known markets for the illicit sale of body parts.

The Boy That Cried Soda

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Five Card Story: The happy Christmas

a Five Card Flickr story created by Mercedes L and Tayla C

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The little boy was crying because he didn’t get his coffee soda because it fell in the lake. So when Christmas came he got a creepy bug instead.

A Story of Wonder~ Tayla and Mercedes

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Five Card Story: A perfect day ruined

a Five Card Flickr story created by Tayla C and Mercedes L

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flickr photo by bionicteaching

We went for a walk at sunrise through a beautiful trail and then went to get ice cream then all of a sudden there was a creepy bug! So we ran the other way and then there were creepy frogs in our path to safety.

Similarities? or differences….

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As an assignment to do with our class from Snow Lake and Wingham all of the 60 or so kids were given the same assignment as one class. To do a survey of ourselves asking random questions and now in the end we are writing a post like this so the kids from Wingham and the kids from Snow Lake learn more about the similarities the two classrooms have even we are a good distance away from each other.  We have to write about the similarities we have with the students and who we have most in common with explaining how we have the similarities.

To start off something I have in common with some of the kids from Wingham is that Kendall J, Dylan M, Josh G, Craig R, Katie, Holly and I all like gym, I like it because I like knowing that I am healthy and I like how you burn and ache but later on you know you did something for yourself to stay fit and it is also quite fun and active.

Another thing that is quite similar on the interest survey is that a lot of people like the hunger games like Tayla, Niah T, Shelby H and Preston S and I all like the hunger games. I mostly like it because I like to do archery and I read the books and just fell in love with it. Why do you like it?

Someone that I have the most in common with from Wingham would be Kendall J because we both like gym, the hunger games, both of our favorite sport is volleyball, and we both like to watch hockey.  But someone that I would probably have the most in common with is Tayla because basically, I just do a lot with her. Have a good day and may the odds be ever in your favor 🙂

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